Surface Preparation

surface preparationTJB Industries has a wide array of surface preparation equipment for different types of applications. One type of equipment does not work well for all, weather polishing concrete, applying floor coatings, or removal of mastic, coatings and sealers. TJB Industries needs to examine the surface and determine what type of condition the existing concrete surface is in. Next determine the profile and end results for the concrete surface and the process based on the surface conditions to achieve desired end results. All surfaces weather polishing concrete or coating a concrete floor must be free of any laitance or efflorescence, free of any adverse moisture conditions, grease, oil, etc. TJB Industries has the capability to do large projects nationwide!

  • Fully independent control of both planetary and satellite grinding heads-speed and direction of rotation
  • High power machine
  • Super industrial strength construction
  • Highly versatile, multipurpose application
  • Triple headed grinder
  • High production rates
  • Rapid removal of tough coatings
  • Flatter consistent grinding surface
  • 33″ wide grinding path