Floor Coatings

We install a wide range of High Performance Coatings, from thin mill Epoxy’s and Urethane’s to chemical resistant coatings. Cracking, pitting and unleveled floors are certain signs that your concrete is aging. Epoxy and Urethane coatings protect your concrete and prevents deterioration. Chemical resistant coatings are available for the most demanding environments, able to withstand jet fuel to 95{d005415fbfc1e26cc48d4f3b57369965f4cfc42acbeaec47c3a72476f801b596} sulfuric acid and everything in between. Coating a concrete floor with a textured slip resistant coating will further enhance your floor’s safety.

We can repair your existing or new construction project to provide a safe and clean facility, whether you need corrosion resistance, superior appearance or anti-skid finish. Contact us today and be amazed at the difference!