Concrete Repair

concrete repairWe use the best available concrete repair products for all our repair needs. We are a recognized installer of Rapid Restore by Rapid Concrete Solutions, Inc. Rapid Restore is quick and easy to apply. It is a simple, fast-setting, long lasting repair material that helps us restore your floor to traffic in as little as 15 minutes.

Traditional repair products involve down time, require specialized equipment, and can result in wasted repair material. It’s easy to avoid repair problems until they become too big to ignore.

With Rapid Restore you can easily maintain smooth floors and a safe work environment. Timely repairs help you reduce repair expenses, down-time, and wear and tear on expensive moving equipment. Our experienced professionals use Rapid Restore to get you back on your floor and working.

Rapid Restore

  • No Down Time – Sets in 15 minutes
  • No Saw Cutting
  • Self Mixing – No Pot Mixing Required
  • Uses Sand as an Aggregate
  • Ultra Low Viscosity
  • True Feather Edge Repairs
  • Low Odor
  • Can Be Cut, Drilled, Tapped, Coated
  • Sets Up in Temperatures as Low as -20° FB